Bombogenesis Was A Bustogenesis

Bombogenesis was a word I had never heard of before, and was suddenly frequently being used by all weather forecasters.  The forecast for one of the storms of the century had all in the tri state area scrambling.  Bombogenesis was coming.

A minimum of two feet of snow was expected in most areas.  I was in good company at the grocery store, shopping for the necessities, and for things I don't normally buy.  Why is that, by the way?   Junk food seems to be a necessity during snow storms.  Anyway, I made sure our fridge was stocked, and our pantry was full, and planned a menu of things I could cook to help pass the time while we were stuck inside.

We buckled down the hatches and waited.  And when we went to bed last night at 10:30, we had only received a dusting.  The majority of the snow was to fall after midnight, so I was expecting to wake up to the worst.  

But instead, we only received a couple inches.  And when I turned on the TV, bombogenesis turned out to be a bustogenesis.  No one received the snow that was expected.  The forecasters were wrong.  And boy were they!

There are always conflicting weather forecasts.  There are various models to follow, and the Hudson Valley Weather guy is usually the most accurate weather guy out there.  He admitted last night that we weren't going to the snow that was initially expected.   Check out his link here.

So in the meantime, we're fully stocked with food and beverage, and I have my work cut out for me.  I'll still fill my day today, using the ingredients I bought to make all the food I had planned to prepare, and then most likely freeze.  

Bombogenesis was a bustogenesis, but Be Fed Again is turning this storm into a cookogenesis.    Stay tuned for those recipes.

Keeping Fed - January '15

I can't tell if January flew by, or really dragged.  It does seem like yesterday that I was making Black Eyed Peas and celebrating the New Year.  But then, we've had snow days, and two hour delays, and bitter cold temps.  Those days dragged, and kind of gave me the blues.

But onward!  We still have 11 great months ahead of us!  And in Keeping Fed this month…..

My sister gave me the inspiration for this recipe, which of course I adapted and adjusted for myself.  I'm thinking a Super Bowl good eat!  YUM!

I saved this picture as my wallpaper on my iPhone.  How can I help but smile every time I see it!

I am addicted to this online TV series.  

This might be one of the most well-done videos I've ever seen.

On a little bit of a sour note - Hudson, our beloved Bernese Mountain Dog, has a bad case of gas.  Like, the worst.  I have found that a spoon full of this, curbs the ferocious stinky issue.

One thing a snow storm brings, is a true sense of quiet.  I took advantage of that quiet this morning, and took a nice long walk around our property.  I snapped a quiet and pretty picture of our swing set.

Happy January, my friends.  Stay warm.  Cheers to February.  Thanks for Keeping Fed!

Touch of Pam - Quick Tip Friday

Being that it is the dead of winter and snow storms are a plenty, that only means that the snow shovels and snow blowers are getting a serious workout.  

And not to mention the workout you are getting as well.

But what is a pain, too,  is when the chute on the snow blower clogs, or when the snow sticks to the shovel because the snow is wet and heavy.

Folks, I've got a tip for you!  Enter today's Quick Tip Friday.

Simply spray some non-stick cooking spray on the discharge chute on the snow blower, and on the edges of the snow shovel.

Non-stick cooking spray is a better solution than using WD40 simply because WD40 is a lubricant that could be harmful to grass and water table.  

With the snow storm expected here on the East coast this weekend, I suggest having some Pam on hand!  

Enjoy today's Quick Tip Friday!

Have Saw. Will Cut.

For Christmas, Sean and I received an awesome and much-needed gift.  

The gift is a chainsaw.  Like, the marmaduke of chainsaws.  Powerful, long blade, and some other, apparently very necessary, stuff.

We have quite a few trees and large branches that are broken and need to come down all around our yard.  

We have this massive hodge podge of branches and trees:

There's this broken branch that is being held up by its neighbor tree:

And check out this tree.  I call this the lazy tree because it simply can't be bothered anymore to stand on its own.

So we (Sean) have already gotten to work, read the manual.

Sean cut some of a downed tree and a few branches, but as you have seen, we have way more to go.  

Lots of work ahead of us, but we welcome it because that will mean all of the dead and broken trees will be taken care of, and our yard will look healthy.