Sowing The Seeds

I'm a couple weeks delayed this year in starting my garden.  I ordered my seeds in plenty of time, and have had them here for over a month.   I am just behind.

I planned out my garden layout over the weekend.  I changed up my vegetables a little bit from last year - deleted some crops, added new.

Out with the zucchini, pumpkins and peppers; in with the sugar snap peas, edamame, corn, watermelon and brussel sprouts.

This morning, I bounced out of bed to get started.  Didn't even bother to get out of my jammies, just needed to get it done.  Workng on the kitchen floor, it got to work.  And did I mention that we woke up to light snow on the ground and it is still flurrying? :(  

I sowed the seeds to some plants that I want to have an early start.  Green beans, cucumbers, edamame and sugar snaps.  I decided to use the organic pots that can be planted directly in the ground when ready, and I labeled each one.

Added some dressed up dirt - potting soil and bone meal, to each pot.  Plopped in 3 seeds per pot and covered with a little more dirt.   Squirted each plant heavily with water, and now I wait.


Their home for the next few weeks in a sunny spot in the kitchen.  

I can't wait to plant them outside with the rest of the crop.  Tomato plants will arrive the end of April, and I will plant the brussel sprouts and watermelon directly into the ground.  

Hurry up warm weather.  Please get here soon!  I'm so ready to say goodbye to the frost!

Keeping Fed - March '15

March was in and out, thank goodness.  For a month that I never look forward to, a month that seems to drag out, happened on the contrary this year.

And I am grateful.

I always find that I am most productive when I have the most on my plate.  When my time is at a premium, I seem to get the most accomplished.  

Go figure.

Many good things happened this month.  And here we are already, Keeping Fed!

For starters, the Dutchess County Executive visited and read to Mac's class.  I caught one of Mac's proud and very special moments.

The County Executive is a big inspiration to children.

I bid our living room adieu and started designing my studio office for Be Fed Again.

Little Miss spotted a princess style phone in my studio, and had no idea what it was.  Boy did I feel O L D !!!  

And in other random Keeping Fed news:

I follow many blogs, but the writers and creators of this blog and this blog are two women that I highly admire.

This video truly inspired me and I've been wearing yellow ever since I viewed it.

This is my favorite flower, and I smile every time I see them.

I've been aching for warm weather so badly, that I have made this picnic inspired recipe a half dozen times since January.

And did I mention that the Dutchess County Executive visited Mac's class…...

And if you are looking forward to Easter next week, don't forget to take a look at this adult Easter basket!  

Enjoy the last couple days of March, and thank you for Keeping Fed!


Put Some Tape On It - Quick Tip Friday

Hanging photographs and artwork can be tricky.  There is size, space and lighting to think about, and if your walls are made of plaster, that alone can be a huge challenge.  Sometimes even a push pin can make plaster crumble.

Enter today's Quick Tip Friday.

To keep your wall from cracking or crumbling, before you hammer in your nail or picture hook, affix a small piece of heavy duty tape, such as duct tape or gaff tape, on the spot.  

Just a little piece of heavy duty tape will make hanging your artwork so much easier.  

Enjoy today's Quick Tip Friday!

The Master of the Masters

My head is still spinning with all this March madness.  I don't understand the whole bracket thing entirely.  Sean explains it to me every year, and every year when he is explaining the process, my mind checks out.  

No interest.

And even though all this basketball is going on, final 4 whatevs, Sean reminded me that the Masters is right around the corner.

Now golf, I can watch.  I thoroughly enjoy it.  And with the Masters, the course is gorgeous, flooded with green grass and azaleas.  Beautiful.  

But in my opinion, the Master of the Masters isn't those talented players.  No Tiger Woods.  No Phil Mickelson.  The Master of the Masters is the Pimento Cheese sandwiches that are served.  

This is true.  I am putting a cheese sandwich over money and talent.  After all, money and talent need to Be Fed, too.  

I just so happen to have a most delicious Be Fed version of Pimento Cheese spread on my Recipes page..  

So for all of you gearing up for the Masters, arranging your schedules so you can sit in front of the TV for 4 straight days, you should absolutely have this Pimento Cheese spread on hand.  Make it and you will see why it is the Master of the Masters!