Power Brush - Quick Tip Friday

The other day, I had it on my calendar to clean the grill.  I try to give our grill a good scrub every two months or so, but that doesn't always happen.  But I do try.

So when I went to clean the grill and started gathering the brush and soap, I started thinking about how a power brush would make my life easier, and would make the task quicker.

Enter today's Quick Tip Friday.

I took a brush that I bought at the dollar store, and cut it at the neck.

Then I drilled a hole in the center of the brush, and pushed through a bolt.  I attached the bolt with a nut, and then I tightened it on my drill.

Presto.  I have a power brush.

And it worked like a champ.  I'm going to use this tip whenever I need a power brush, for sure!

Enjoy today's Quick Tip Friday.

My Little Parking Spot

Each morning while the kids are each getting ready for school, I park myself here.

This little vignette is right outside of the kids' bathroom, and it wasn't always there.

When I brought home this chair and refinished it, it bounced around from room to room until it landed here.  And boy, I'm happy it did.  

As I mentioned, I sit here in the mornings, but I needed a table to place my coffee while I help the kids with what they need.  I found this table at one of my very favorite shops, Rosie's Old Country Store, and I painted it to match the chair.  

And this little spot, this refinished chair and table offer a spot of calm, and the occasional shoelace tying.  Not to forget, a nod to morning comfort.  

Anniversary Dinner

Yesterday, Sean and I celebrated our 13th Wedding Anniversary.  We had a beautiful day, and reminisced about our wedding day, and the past 13 years.  

And we are so grateful.  For everything.

Of course our Anniversary dinner was a big topic of discussion leading up to the day.  With the kids schedules pretty heavy on Mondays; tutors to study with, swim practice to get to, it was too much of on-the-go to ask of a babysitter, so I decided to cook.  And I didn't mind a bit.

I started with a light appetizer of Pear, Prosciutto, and Blue Cheese Canapés.

Our entree is one of  Sean's favorites, Slow-Cooked Korean-Style Short Ribs.  Naturally some mashed potatoes were served on the side.  Talk about comfort food.  

I wanted to make a green salad, and I wanted it to continue with the Asian theme.   So, I came up with a Shaved Brussels Sprouts Slaw.  This salad turned out so tasty, I had to share this recipe too.  

All in all, it was a great day, topped off with a delicious meal.  

And while I'm on the subject of anniversaries, my first blogiversary for Be Fed Again is coming up!!  I'm really excited, and I have some great give-aways lined up.  I can't wait for all of you to celebrate with me!

Prepare To Be Floored - Quick Tip Friday

Lining cupboards and pantry shelves with contact paper seems to be the norm in many kitchens.

It is in mine.  

Keeps things looking cleaner, and it's certainly easier to wipe down and keep clean.

But when the contact paper starts to get worn, and tears around the edges, then the neat and tidy cupboards turn borderline messy, it's time to consider another alternative.

Enter today's Quick Tip Friday.

The other day, when I needed to get some kitchen cleaners from underneath the sink, that area was a mess.  The contact paper was coming up and sticking to the bottom of the cleaners, and everything looked in disarray.  Same thing for the cupboard housing my grill pans.  I needed to fix this problem.

I went on a hunt in our "stuff room" to see if we had any spare contact paper, and I found some extra linoleum tiles that I had used in the pantry.


I don't know about you guys, but when I use contact paper, I'm not at all graceful about it.  I try.  It ends up sticking to itself, and wrinkles are everywhere.  But I let it go because it's behind closed doors.  

With using linoleum tiles, they are so much easier to work with, and way easier to cut and fit.   And certainly more durable and can handle the constant wear and tear of under-the-sink hodge podge, and pots and pans.  They have good "sticky" on them so they stay in place perfectly.  The list goes on.  

If you don't have extra tiles lying around, home improvement stores always have linoleum tiles on sale, and the sale price is very comparable to contact paper, and might even cost less.  Give it a try.

Enjoy today's Quick Tip Friday!