Keeping Fed

Summer is flying by too fast.  It's already the end of July, and back to school flyers are flooding our mailbox.  Time does fly, but I certainly wish the summers would drag out a little more.  Time is precious, and I am grateful.  I plan to relish August.

Speaking of summer, some dear friends of ours had a pig roast yesterday.  It's always great to spend time with friends.  Lots of laughter.  I found a moment to myself, and I stood there watching the pig rotate over the fire.  I was dressed in all my preppy glory, but truly feeling like a Flintstone.  I felt a little bad for the pig, but still I was having a good time.  Just the same, the meat was delicious and I'll continue to eat pork.

I made Cherry Bourbon ice cream a couple weeks ago.  DELISH!  Festive!  Knock your socks off!

For the recipe, click here.

Speaking of food, I started experimenting and cooking with a Himalayan Salt Block.  You can use it for so many different dishes, and would look awesome displaying food as well.  Stay tuned to those posts, but in the mean time, to see which block I have, click here.

I saw this quote and thought it was beautiful.  Made me think of a friend of mine that wants everything yesterday.

Being solitary is a challenge, but once you do find that ground, you've found solace.  Trust me.

I follow several blogs, and I thoroughly enjoy them all.  Camella Rayone writes one of my favorite blogs.  She and her family live in a small Wyoming town in a house no bigger than 665 square feet.  She's a lovely writer.  Deep thinker.  Check her blog out here.

My parents are up visiting again, and my mom, Caroline and I finally remembered to take a generation picture.  I will hold this moment close to my heart forever.  

A generation picture for the boys will be in next month's Keeping Fed.

And many of you have written and asked me how my garden is doing.  Well, it's doing great!!  We have zucchini, tomatoes and green beans, oh my!  Going to pickle some jalapeños today.  Here is a photo of today's green bean and tomato pick.

Friends, thanks for following me!  Enjoy Keeping Fed!

Speaking Of Wood... - Quick Tip Friday

Seems true that a watched pot never boils, but what is very true is that an unwatched pot can make a huge mess.

Folks, I've got another little trick up my sleeve....

Enter today's Quick Tip Friday!

When you put a pot of water on the stove to boil, put a wooden spoon over the top of the pot.  The wooden spoon will pop the bubbles, and will absorb some of the steam and water, and will keep your pot from boiling over as quickly.  The wooden spoon gives you a bit of an insurance policy, per se, and buys you a little time to get back and turn down the heat.

Who knew?!!

Enjoy today's Quick Tip Friday!

Wood Brings Rhyme to Mind

Quite often family members bring me something that needs a lot of attention and say to me "I know you can do something with this."  And more often than not, I'm pleased as ever to take on whatever is brought to me, and bring it back to life.

But when my dad brought me three thick wood slices a while ago, I was down-right thrilled!

How cool are these things!  

As they are quite old, and weren't ever treated, they are pretty light-weight (for wood), and they were dry.  Very dry.  

So we cleaned them, and Dad applied several coats of lacquer.  He lost count how many coats he applied.

They turned out great.  And they fit perfectly on top of these end tables.  But they don't just stay on the end tables.  I put them on the dinner table when we entertain to add a little height and conversation.  

These wood slices wear a lot of hats around here, but I've got to tell you:  every time I look at these things and even during writing this post, that rhyme comes into my head: "How much wood would a wood chuck cut if a wood chuck would cut wood?"

Thanks, Daddy.

Ahhh Shucks - Quick Tip Friday

Shucking corn is a mess.  Let's face it.  That's why there is usually a trash can near the corn in the grocery store so you can make a mess there rather than at home.  If I'm in a hurry, I either end up grilling the corn with the husks on, or shucking the corn out on the porch.  

But a slick way to shuck corn has been introduced to me, and it works like a charm!  So, I'm going to share this with all of you.  

Enter today's Quick Tip Friday.

Simply cut the stem end of the corn, about an inch and a half up.  Microwave for about 2 minutes.  This creates just enough steam between the husk and the corn.  Squeeze the husk, pushing the corn out.  The corn comes out clean and free of any silk.  

Best way to shuck corn ever.

Enjoy today's Quick Tip Friday!