Keeping Fed - February '15

I must be honest; I am not sad that February is coming to a close.  I'm really looking forward to March, and better yet, I'm certainly looking forward to spring.

So as it is the end of the month, it's time for those random tidbits and for Keeping Fed.

I had a hankering for a cheesy, warm, savory soup.  So I scoured my cookbooks, and found a few recipes and adopted my own version of Beer Cheese Soup.  Oh. Emm. Gee.  Over the top delish.  Click here for the recipe.

I started on a very time-consuming project in the kitchen.  Here is a little teaser of what is to come:

Little Miss entered a science fair last weekend.  She really wanted her project to be on internal gas, or "toots," if you will.  Although very interesting, yet very smelly, we are happy that she settled on the sunflower.

And in other random tidbits of Keeping Fed:

This blog is one of my favorites.

I sat through this long speech.  Our County Executive is inspiring, and I am very happy to call Dutchess county home.

And you all know that I think Jimmy Fallon hung the moon.  Check out this clip of he and Christina Aguilera.  Hilarious!!

Let's hope that March comes in like a lamb and stays that way!

Cheers everyone, and thanks for Keeping Fed!

Buff The Scuffs - Quick Tip Friday

Have you ever worn an outfit where you totally looked and felt fierce, but knew you would look even more fierce if your suede jacket or shoes didn't have so many scuffs?

I've been there.

And I found a solution to keep my suede buffed and scuff-free.

Enter today's Quick Tip Friday.

All you need is one of these fingernail buffers.  Simply rub the buffer lightly over the scuffed areas.

And just like that, your scuffs are buffed.

Enjoy today's Quick Tip Friday! 

Wonder Twins Power Activate!

Every once in a while, I go to Goodwill to get my repurpose fix.  

And when I say every once in a while, I really mean every week.  More often than not, I walk out empty handed, but then there's times that I find gems like these.

Albeit ugly, who cares.  These wingback chairs were in great shape, classic silhouettes, and the price couldn't have been better.  I paid $15 each for these chairs.

Of course, when I brought them home, I received the typical eye roll from the husband, and look of utter confusion, but whatevs.  I saw the potential.  These chairs are going to go in my office, which is a color combination of white, and coral, and a very light aqua blue.  I had the exact fabric in mind that I wanted to recover them in, and these chairs were going to become The Wonder Twins!

I wanted to go ahead and remove the bazillion upholstery tacks and old fabric myself, prime and paint the legs, then take the chairs to get reupholstered.  I started out on a roll, but removing all of the tacks was almost a patience-breaker.  And for some reason, I started getting all ADHD on these chairs.  So I called my friend Kevin Kaiser of Kaiser Upholstery, and I had these chairs loaded into my car in a nano-second.  

Kevin got to work on them, removed all those tacks and old ugly fabric, and called me when it was time for me to come in to prime and paint the legs.

The other day, he called me to tell me they were ready.  I wasted no time going there to pick them up.

And there they were.  Wonder Twins Power Activate!  These two chairs put their powerful cuffs together, spun around, and turned into hot floral pep!

They are bright.  The fabric is completely unexpected, yet totally works, and flat-out looks fierce.  

I love how they turned out.  Kevin did a terrific job, and I can't help but smile when I look at them.  They look happy to me, and I will draw so much inspiration from these floral wonder twins.

Click here for Kevin's info.




It's All About The Birch

Back in the fall, when the weather was warmer and there wasn't a flake of snow on the ground, I went walking in the woods next to our house.

I was on a mission.  I had noticed a birch tree that had been cut down and was just lying there on the ground.  I wanted make something of this birch wood.  Lamps would be great.

So I completely overdressed because I have a huge fear of ticks, and set out to pick out the best logs that were in the best shape.  

Some were too big.  And some where too soft.  And then I found a log that was just right.   And I grabbed it before anyone saw me swiping a birch log that wasn't on my property.  

I cleaned it up.  Cut it in half.  I drilled a hole down the center of each log that was the size of the threaded rod.  The cord is housed in the threaded rod.  Then, I wired up and attached the socket.

Presto.  I had two lamps for our office.  Nothing like bringing the outside in!  My expenses were minor.  The lamp sockets were less than $20 and the shades were $14 each from Lowes.  

This project took about 30 minutes.  Quick.  Easy.  Impactful.