Tying One On - Quick Tip Friday

Do any of you have a pet, or small very excited children running around your house?  

We do.  We have both.  

And with all that agility comes an unsteady Christmas tree.

Case in point, our tree tipped over a few years ago and there were broken ornaments and needles everywhere.  It was a bit devastating.  But we recovered, and now follow this tip for every tree, no matter how big or how small.

Enter today's Quick Tip Friday.

When you put up your tree, before you hang a single light or hang any kind of ornament, tie it to the wall.

We use picture wire, but fishing line works well too.  Find some window trim or a stud that you can screw an eye-hook into.  Loop the wire around the tree and secure it with the eye-hook.   Let the tree sit undecorated for a couple days to let the pets and kids get acclimated with it.  Then, decorate until your heart's content.  Of course, if you tree is already up and decorated, you can still tie it on to a hook, just be careful.

And any glass and highly fragile ornaments should be hung closer to the top.

Merry Christmas!

Enjoy today's Quick Tip Friday!

You've Got Mail

This past year, I feel that all of my readers have become my friends.  Through your comments, interests and energies, you have given me the verve to work on my house projects, and write almost daily posts for my beloved blog.

And I am grateful.

You all are very dear to me, and Sean, Mac, Caroline and I wish you the Happiest of Holidays.

Click here for the link to scroll down Memory Lane of our Christmas cards.

Wrapped Up In Wrapping

Want to see me sweat?  

Then ask me to wrap a present.

I almost break out in hives when I even think about wrapping a present.  Shocking right?!  How can I have such attention to detail, and make things look so pretty when I can't even wrap a pretty present?  But for me, it's a challenge.

This is true.  It's like I have a brain block with wrapping.  

Major.  Wrapping.  Challenge.

I do ok with easy stuff like books or shirt size boxes.  But even then, half the time I don't measure or cut the paper correctly, and I end up with seriously wrinkled corners.  There's not enough ribbon in the world to cover up my flubs.  Throw in an odd shaped gift, or a cylinder shaped gift, and I'm totally stooged.  No. Can. Do.  It's then that I call in the ole gift bags.  I am wrapped-challenged.

But this year, I serendipitously found  some great gift wrap at Michael's that has a grid pattern printed on the back of the paper to make for easy measuring and precise cutting.

I realize this paper has been around for a while, but I haven't ever paid attention to the lines on the back.  I was in such a panic or a hurry that I never "saw" the grid lines.  And too, it's not like the label on the paper says "wrapping paper for the wrapped-challenged."

Last evening, I poured myself a glass of wine and I set out to wrap presents.  I broke out into a hot flash, but I persevered and opened up a new roll of wrapping paper.  I unrolled it to start on my first present, and I finally focused in on the back of the paper.

Hello grid lines.

And my life changed at that moment.  I was a wrapping fool.  I tossed out the ribbon, cut some paper and made it look like ribbon.  

I'll be honest with you  This present that you see here, took me 10 minutes to wrap.  Certainly quite a bit longer than the contributor's claim on the TODAY show that a present should only take 60 seconds to wrap.  Not sure what country she's from, but obviously one that wraps considerably faster than "my country."

Hey, I got it done, and in a 3 hour period, I wrapped 6 presents.  I figure I'll do a little more tomorrow, and a little more the next day until I'm done.  Then, they will get ripped open in a nano-second.  

But that is the joy of Christmas.

My advice to all that join me in the wrapped-challenged category - go with the wrapping paper with the grid on the back.  Certainly makes things a heck of a lot easier.

Happy wrapping.

You're welcome.